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Food safety and distribution quality policy

Food safety and distribution quality policy

The mission of “RUSTEL” company is to make the product available to every consumer by expanding the geography of supply and increasing the range of products. To offer consumers a high quality and competitive product, strengthening the position in the Central Asian market.
In everything we do, we strive to act with integrity, honesty, and fairness, respecting the laws of the country where we do our business.
Strategic concept: to bring the republic’s service market to a new level, creating a better quality of services, anticipating the needs of customers.
Our strategic goals:

1. Consumer orientation.
• Impeccable service and quality, food safety at all stages of the supply chain
• Compliance with the quality and food safety of distribution through continuous improvement and enhancement of production processes.
• Expansion of the product range, sales markets, and volumes based on customer needs and expectations
2. Creating a culture of consumption of new products on the local market.
3. Ensuring food safety and quality of distribution.

• Improving the quality system and ensuring compliance with recognized HACCP principles, ISO 22000:2018 international standards, and the requirements of the quality and safety of distribution standard YUM!
• Establishment of annual measurable indicators of food safety management system processes, with the aim of consistent improvement.
• Ensuring that all employees understand and comply with the requirements of their job duties, the requirements for health and safety regulations, occupational health, food safety of distribution at all stages from the manufacturer to the network.
4. Staff training and development.
• Increasing the professionalism of the Company, to ensure the high quality and food safety of distribution, by organizing the process of training, education and professional development of personnel. We create conditions for maximum self-fulfillment of our employees, providing opportunities to improve their skills and intellectual potential.
5. Cooperation with partners. Information exchange.
• Building mutually beneficial relationships with partners/suppliers, consumers, counterparties, and other stakeholders, to exchange information and get timely feedback, to improve the quality of distribution, and increase the number of contracts.
6. Creation of a favorable organizational climate.
• A company’s most valuable resource is the people who do their work daily. We know exactly that the recognition of work results, along with the personal fulfillment of the employee, is the most important in the organization of the incentive process. To achieve the above-mentioned objectives we have developed several motivational programs, which are aimed at alignment of interests and goals of the company and its employees.

Management of “RUSTEL” LLC assumes responsibility for implementation of this Policy in the field of quality and safety of distribution and undertakes to bring it to the attention of each employee of the Company.
Management is the guarantor of an effective food safety management system and is an example of adherence to the company’s values and goals for each employee.