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Rustel Logistics Center

Rustel Company was the first in the Kyrgyz Republic which constructed a warehouse complex designed for processing of a wide range of goods. The complex is divided into several zones depending on the specificity of temperature conditions of storage of goods.

We offer 3PL services (Third Party Logistics) to our customers, and we are ready to render the full range of services necessary for promotion of the goods along the supply chain.

Rustel Company renders services on outsourcing of logistic processes for both customers working in foreign trade and those whose business develops inside the country.

The demand for delegation of fulfillment of a part of business functions to professional service providers is growing fast. 3PL services allow the customer to launch a new product and/or project quickly and at the appropriate level without bearing expenses for establishment of its own logistics division. Without significant additional expenses the customer can also ensure the control of the quality of services and minimize its own risks by imposing the responsibility on us as the 3PL provider.

Outsourcing allows changing and adjusting project parameters at any time and even, if this is necessary, completing the project without fixation of considerable initial costs.

By delegating logistic processes both partially and fully to our Company you will be able to:

  • reduce expenses for arrangement of logistic processes (warehouse, transportation, documents circulation);
  • optimize supply support of your customers and speed up supply terms;
  • optimize stock management;
  • focus on the commercial component of your business.

In addition to this, we offer the following services to our customers:

  • full control and precision of accounting;
  • quality of delivery;
  • detailed document reporting at all stages of work.


Services of a foreign trade agent – outsourcing of foreign economic activity – for Kyrgyz companies entering the international market or EAEU market and for foreign producers and sellers;

  • Delivery of goods from abroad and customs clearance by a licensed customs representative;
  • Intermediary or long-term storage of goods at warehouses in Bishkek, Osh and Jalal-Abad cities;
  • Outsourcing of logistic operations on preparation and delivery of goods to stores and trading networks;
  • A complex of services on customs clearance of Internet purchases abroad, processing of Internet orders at warehouses of Rustel Company, transportation of orders to issuing points, and their delivery to final recipients located in the regions of Kyrgyzstan;
  • Delivery of goods across the entire territory of the Kyrgyz Republic and compliance with temperature conditions required for each type of products.

As a 3PL provider Rustel Company offers to its customers a full range of logistic services in the territory of Kyrgyzstan:

  • Warehouse logistics
  • Transport logistics
  • Pre-sale preparation
  • Logistics outsourcing
  • Logistic consulting

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