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Owing to our long-term experience in logistics we have necessary competences for consulting of our customers. We can carry out audit and assess effectiveness of the customer’s logistic system within the agreed terms using such methods as questioning, interview, and inspection of logistic infrastructure facilities.

The basis of our approach to consulting of customers in the area of logistics is the system analysis as part of which all logistic functions of the customer are considered as a component part of the customer’s logistic system as a whole. During the process of rendering of consulting services all aspects of the customer’s logistic activity are studied:

  • arrangement of warehousing;
  • transport management;
  • procurement activity;
  • sales and operations planning;
  • maintenance and repair of vehicles and warehouse equipment;
  • production operations: packing, pre-sale preparation;
  • planning, stock planning and distribution in the logistic network;
  • staff preparation and training.

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