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The Salma fund

Rustel Group founders established a charity fund in 1998.

The Fund has the following purposes:

  • Provision of assistance to children – orphans and children deprived of parental care. The Fund supports a few boarding schools and children’s homes in the Kyrgyz Republic as well as 10 low-income and needy families;
  • Provision of assistance to persons suffering from diseases of various severity in form of participation, medical support and financial aid for diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of such persons. The Fund arranges and finances various surgical operations in leading clinics of Russia, Turkey, European countries and the USA;
  • Provision of other kinds of charitable assistance to those who need it. (For example, the Fund arranges regular friendly football games between children’s teams of Rustel Company and students of boarding schools and orphan homes.);
  • Assistance, including the financial aid, in getting vocational and higher education for orphan children.

The Fund carries out its activity in the following main forms:

  • Single-time financial and other assistance;
  • Systematic financial and other assistance;
  • Financing of specific target-oriented programs;
  • Search of parents for orphan children.

You can obtain additional information on the programs implemented by the Fund on our website: Malish