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Medical Center Malish

“Malysh” Children’s Center – one of subdivisions of Rustel Group

This multifield children’s institution provides services on health improvement, examination, training and physical development of children.

The following institutions have been established on the basis of “Malysh”:

  • Children’s consulting and rehabilitation medical center;
  • Children’s development and training center, for children aged 1.6-7;
  • Independent clinical-biochemical and EIA laboratory;
  • Football club.

“Malysh” Medical Center
The main purpose of the activity of “Malysh” Medical Center is formation of a healthy generation of children from the first days of life till adulthood.

The main aspects of work of the team of this Medical Center include interaction with parents, advice on prevention, early diagnostics and timely visit to specialists who are ready to render the full range of medical services. The Medical Center always focuses its attention on the fact that a healthy child can grow only in a healthy family.

“Malysh” Development Center»
The main purpose of the activity of “Malysh” Development Center is a focused training and educational process, creation of favorable conditions of many-sided personality development, development of friendly, considerate and careful attitude to the world in children.

Teachers of the English and Kyrgyz languages, speech therapist, psychologist and many other specialists work in the Center.

“Malysh” Independent Laboratory
The activity of the laboratory is targeted at a complex examination of a patient and is carried out in the following directions:

  • Common clinical tests;
  • Biochemical tests;
  • Hormonal and immune state tests;
  • Diagnostics of infections.

“Malysh” Football Club
In our club children aged 6-17 learn to play indoor football.

The main purpose of the club is to foster love to sports in children, improve their physical health.

Training is carried out under supervision of experienced coaches. Children participate in tournaments and away competitions.

“Malysh” Center will be happy to see you. We work for the benefit of health and development of your children!

You can obtain more detailed information on the activity of the Center from: Malish