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1. Goods consolidation

Consolidation of goods is necessary when small batches of small-sized and small-weight goods should be delivered to a few customers during one trip.

Goods consolidation is carried at one of the warehouses of temporary storage where such goods expect shipment along a single route. This way considerable reduction of transportation expenses can be achieved, especially if the goods should be delivered to an out-of-the-way or very remote destination.

2. Preparation of goods for transportation and picking of orders

  • High quality of loading and unloading operations;
  • Fast processing of goods accepted for storage, including palletizing, picking of orders, marking and labeling, re-packing, formation of sets, preparation of accompanying documents;
  • Selection of goods according to purchaser’s orders, including single-piece selection of products, preparation for promotion campaigns, preparation of documents, delivery to trading networks, etc.;
  • Work with defected and returned goods.

3. Services related to work with documents:

  • preparation of transport documentation;
  • preparation of reports for customers;
  • submission of reports – determination of operations according to dates and kinds, remaining goods at the warehouse as of the current date or for the period stated by the customer.

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